Distinguished Services Awardees 2023

Mr. Jai Shankar Sharma

(Mentor, Bangalore Chapter, IIT Kanpur Alumni Association)

Mr. Gautam Khanna

(CEO , P D Hinduja Hospital & MRC)


Started in the year 2019, Distinguished Services Award (DSA), recognizes the hard work and dedication of Alumni in doing exemplary service by becoming the goodwill ambassadors in various fields and augment and support the Institute’s effort in various ways like facilitating project collaborations, academic collaborations, student workshops, summer projects etc.


The evaluation committee for the award, as approved by the board of governors of IIT Kanpur, comprises of:

  • Director, IIT Kanpur as Chairman.
  • Dean of Resource and Alumni, IIT Kanpur as Convenor.
  • Two Distinguished Alumnus (nominated by Director) as Members.
  • Faculty member (Non-Alumnus) as Member.
  • Faculty member (Alumnus) as Member.
  • President Alumni Association, IIT Kanpur as Member.

Distinguished Services Awardees 2022

Mr. Srikant Sastri

(President, TiE Delhi/NCR)
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Mr. Rajiv Swarup

(Founding President (Retd.), Shiv Nadar University)
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Distinguished Services Awardees 2021

Mr. Pradeep Bhargava

(COO & Co-founder GladMinds)
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Mr. Kushal Sacheti

(Founder & CEO Galaxy USA Inc.)
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Distinguished Services Awardees 2020

Prof Rajendra Bordia

(Professor, Materials Science and Engineering,Clemson University, Clemson, SC)
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Prof. Shivendra Panwar

(Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering & Director, CATT, NYU)
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Distinguished Services Awardees 2019

Mr. Rakesh Sharma


Dr. Ram B. Misra