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IIT Kanpur prides itself on the success of its alumni. After successfully completing their academic years at the institute, our alumni went on to expand their wings and reached new heights, be it as entrepreneurs, industrialists, academicians, researchers, social cause champions, bureaucrats etc. We have had many notable alumni who have received national and international recognition in their respective professional fields. With more than 45000 alumni spanning across the globe, they have been instrumental in strengthening the image of IIT Kanpur.

Though their dreams took them in new directions, IITK alumni have always felt connected to their alma mater and hence, they have over the years nurtured the institute through their generous contributions. The spirit of Giving Back is reflected in every corner of the institute be it infrastructure development, scholarships, especially to girl students, financial support to various hobby clubs, set-up of different R&D labs and faculty chairs, donations to various community development sectors, environment etc.

Established in March 1967, Alumni Association of IITK is an independent registered body of more than 40000 alumni spanning across the world. Its mission is –

  • To actively promote interaction & networking among its alumni.
  • To be a pillar of support in their hour of need.
  • To help realize the notion of Giving Back to the Alma mater.
  • To function on a charitable basis, and to run the Association on ‘no profit-no loss’ basis’.
  • To contribute to the vision and strengthen the image of IIT Kanpur at national & international level.
Alumni in different parts of the world have formed Chapters of their associations. These Chapters work actively towards promoting networking among themselves and with the institute as well. Organizing alumni Reunions is an integral part of the Alumni Association of IITK.

ICICI Credit Cards of IITK Alumnus


Dr. Neeraj Kayal

have been awarded the prestigious Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize for Science & Technology 2022. more
Sep 20, 2023

Dr. Dipti Ranjan Sahoo

have been awarded the prestigious Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize for Science & Technology 2022. more
Sep 20, 2023

Prof. Abhay Karandikar

Director of IIT Kanpur, has taken on the role of Secretary, DST, Government of India. more
Sep 20, 2023

Prof. Nitin Saxena

from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering has been honored with the IIT Bombay International Award for Excellence in Research in Engineering and Technology. more
Sep 20, 2023

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