Meet the Young Alumnus Awardees 2019

Mr. Deepak Garg

(Founder of Rivigo)

Dr. Manu Prakash

(Professor of Bioengineering
at Stanford University)

About the Award

Started in the year 2019, the Young Alumnus Awards, is conferred to those Alumni who are less then 40 years of age and have contributed significantly and achieved outstanding recognition in their career.

Evaluation Committee

The evaluation committee for the award, as approved by the Board of Governors of IIT Kanpur, comprises of:

  • Director IITK as Chairman
  • Dean of Resource and Alumni, IIT Kanpur as Convener.
  • Two young Alumni (less than 40 years), nominated the Director of IITK as Members.
  • Young IITK Faculty (less than 40 years, non-alumnus) as Member.
  • Young IITK Faculty (less than 40 years, alumnus) as Member.
  • President Alumni Association as Member.
  • Dean of Faculty Affairs, IIT Kanpur.