Dear Friends,

As India warmed up to Holi celebration, we have IPL in full swing and the upcoming Lok Sabha elections that are increasing the excitement. As part of the Alum activities, Holi celebrations are on the roll. It is a good way to catch up again with some colours and fun.

Here is the action that’s happening on Holi get togethers
16th March Noida, NCR
30th March West coast Contact person Sameer Behere
30th March Bangalore Contact person Umesh Joshi
7th April East coast Contact person Ratan Bajpai
Do see if you all can make it in your location

SEE | Care for Air on 10th Jan at IIT Kanpur
The engagement started early this year with the first event being SEE on Air Pollution. This was coupled along with the Reunion of 1969 -74 batch. Coordinated by Jatin Vasandani, it was a refreshing way to add the social perspective by the whole batch along with their families. It was supported By Prof. Sachidanand Tripathi and was strengthened with the participation of Prof. K. Vijayraghavan. The following perspectives emerged as action points and groups to work on Sensors and data capture
Indoor pollution
Waste & crop burning
Industrial pollution
Vehicle pollution
Build a few knowledge areas

SMC | Now & Future on 2nd & 3rd Feb at IIT Kanpur
Build around pulling the incubation center members, eCell students, startups, and entrepreneurs around Kanpur, this event focused on four themes that covered the following Aerospace and defence
Cyber security
Future of transportation
Health-tech & Agriculture
Led by Amit Tiwari from Kanpur chapter and supported by eCell team comprising Aman, Mukund Vivek with 20 supportive eCell members, Alumni office team, they pulled off event exceeding 900 attendees over 2 days. Members from West coast, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Singapore joined or attended the event. Anil Srivastava on behalf of Niti Aayog and Prof. Phani from IIT Kanpur signed the MOU with Niti Aayog to further strengthen outreach with SMC.

Interaction of Alums and the Institute
As part of the event on 1st Feb, we also had a discussion with Prof. Karandikar and the faculty members. The work and activities along with the Institute shall comprise the following Diamond Jubilee celebration Industry-academia connect
Interactions with the government
Competence areas with the institute
Incubation center
Research center
Fund raise for the institute
Advisory board for the institute

Prof. Bandopadhyay is the head of the incubation center and Prof. Awinash Agarwal is leading the Research center activities. All interested members can directly interface with the professors. IIT Kanpur has 10 key areas of strong competencies and the document in this aspect shall be shared by the Director Prof. Karandikar with the Alums on the way ahead. As a follow-up, there was a conference call with the West Coast chapter on the 1st March along with Prof. Karandikar. We agreed on the following areas in the call
Diamond Jubilee celebration in 6 locations
Two in the US and IITK Foundation shall define and lead the organization working with US chapters
Four locations in India namely Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Mumbai
Continue to strength outreach and engagement through our local chapters and standard events like Startup master class (SMC) and Social Entrepreneurs & Enterprises (SEE)
Build collaborative areas with Government, industry, and Academia
Strengthen the fund raise by requests to the individuals, entrepreneurs, Industry, CSR initiatives & the government
Mentoring process as part of the Golden Gate bridge and execution
The Diamond Jubilee teams to be defined by each location

WIN (Women Inspired network) WIN group of our alumna has crossed 130 members and has been one of the more active groups. Led by Smita Hashim, the following activities have been organized
Weekly calls
Friday questions
Local meet-ups
Women panel on 8th March at IITK as part of Teckriti
Keynote from Anjali Joshi as part of Women day at Techkriti

The planned events continue 1st March Workshop on Waste Water by Bhattarai on his visit to Bangalore
Monthly meets organized by Pankaj Mittal & Vinay Agarwal for all IITs at Gurgaon & Noida
Sports meet organized by Anurag Goel at Greater Noida for PAN IIT
6th April SMC at Delhi. Organized by Delhi team lead by Sunil Singhal and Rohit Dhawan it promises to be an exciting event. Do look up and join us
SMC proposed at Mumbai in May
15th June, SEE at Pune
17th Aug, SMC at Singapore
While these activities continue do propose your interest and participation, do write to Sanjay at or Pankaj at

Pradeep Bhargava President, AA IIT Kanpur