Buddy system offers every student a unique opportunity to develop relationships with alumni and allows him or her to explore the information and advice related to academic and professional development. It builds a synergy between present students and the alumni and leads to developing a strong, global network of IITKians.

Alumni Mentors

  • Be committed to serve as a resource to the student.
  • Offer suggestions and feedback.
  • Provide real world feedback on jobs, industry knowledge and career aspirations.
  • Handholding the student in meeting his or her career goals.
  • Assist the student's personal growth.

Students Mentees

  • Opportunity to better prepare for career by learning about the realities of a professional career from mentor.
  • Advice on career options and fields of interest.
  • Guidance and support in searching Internships/Jobs.
  • Introduction to a variety of information and resources to assist you in preparing for a specific career.
  • To assist the Mentor during reunion.