Register Your Alumni Chapter

1. Name: Alumni Association I.I.T. Kanpur

2. Legal Status (Choose One):

3. Location: (City)



4. Address:

5. Registered Office: The Chapter registered office will be in


6. Affiliation: Being a Chapter of Alumni Association of I.I.T. Kanpur, is governed by the Constitution and By-Laws of the Alumni Association of I.I.T. Kanpur as may be in force from time to time

7. Goals: To fulfill the identified goals of the Alumni Association of I.I.T. Kanpur (hereinafter referred as Association) enunciated in its mission, the Alumni Association I.I.T. Kanpur

Chapter (hereinafter referred as Chapter) will be for better interaction amongst the I.I.T. Kanpur alumni working or residing in the


8. Purpose: The

Chapter setup in

Region by locally resident active members increasing contacts among the members and furthering the aim of the Association which are to:

a: provide a vibrant forum that promotes interaction and networking among alumni of the Institute,

b: help alumni active their professional goals,

b: facilitate the association of alumni with their Alma Mater, and

d: contributes to the Institute's vision of being recognized among the world's leading institutions in academics, research excellence and innovation.

9. Membership: The membership of the Chapter is open to all alumni of I.I.T. Kanpur

10. Annual Report: The Chapter shall submit to the Executive Committee of the Association, an annual report of its activities as well as a statement of account every year.

11. Rules and Regulations: Unless otherwise specially provided in these by-laws, the constitution and bye-laws of the Alumni Association I.I.T. Kanpur shall be applicable.

12. Funds: All activities of the Chapter shall be financed out of funds raised by the Chapter. However, the Executive Committee of the Alumni Association may sanction funds to the Chapter for specific purposes.

13. Liabilities: Any liabilities incurred by the Chapter shall be solely its own and shall not be binding on the Association.

14. Management: The Chapter will be managed by an Executive Committee. The nomination / election / selection of the Executive Committee should be with the due consent of the majority of the members (paid members if there is a fee to join chapter) present in the meeting of the alumni and its term shall be of two years.

15. The Executive Committee of a Chapter shall consist of not less than five (5) active alumni working or residing in the said geographical area with at least the following office bearers:

  • President (de-facto Chief Executive Officer of the Chapter)
  • Secretary (de-facto Chief Operating Officer of the Chapter)
  • Treasurer (de-facto Financial Controller of the Chapter)

In addition, the immediate past office bearers (President, Secretary and Treasurer) be coopted to provide continuity and guidance. It is also suggested to have one member in-charge of managing the database.

16. Disputes: In case of any disputes, the decision of the Executive Committee of the Association shall be final and binding and no recourse shall be taken to the Court of Law.

Basic Eligibility Criteria:

1) The chapter has been in existence for at least three years on the date of submitting Application for Accreditation.
2) The Chapter has at least 50 alumni members.
3) Chapter’s legal status is (Please choose one):
          a) Registered Society
          b) Company under Sec 25 of the Company's Act
          c) Association of Persons
          d) Other (for Chapters outside India): Please specify the nature of its legal structure -
          e) None of the above

Following Documents are attached and submitted as part of the application:

1. Spread sheet containing contact information of alumni members of the Chapter
2. Contact details of Executive Committee of Chapter (see Appendix 1).
3. Chapter Constitution and By-laws (see Appendix 2).
4. Chapter activities in the last three years.
5. PAN number
6. Whether it has received concessions under 12A and 80G of the Income Tax Act and clearance under FCR Act. If yes, please attach copies of the government orders.

Terms and Conditions/Requirements:

1. Executive Board of the Chapter has read and understood Chapter Formation & Management Guidelines available at
2. Chapter shall abide by the Constitution and the By-laws of the Association as may be in force from time to time. The current constitution/by-laws can be accessed at
3. Chapter shall submit a spread sheet containing the information of its every alumni member: Name*, Roll No, Degree*, Branch*, Year of Graduation*, E-mail address*, phone number, postal address, and name of the Employer. Such spread sheet will be provided at the time of applying for accreditation and thereafter annually. (*Mandatory Information)
4. Chapter shall submit names and contact details of its Executive Committee/Governing Council/Executive Council/Board of Directors in the format given in Appendix 1.
5. Chapter shall submit self-attested copy of its Constitution and By-laws along with a copy of the registration certificate, PAN Number (if taken) and list of its members with details as stated in para 3 above.
6. A Chapter may frame its own rules and regulations which shall be consistent with the constitution and By-laws of the Association. A model of By-Laws is attached in Appendix 2.
7. Chapter shall finance its activities out of funds raised by the Chapter through memberships (optional), sponsorships (in cash or kind), event charges and advertisements or other fund raising activities. Alumni Association, on request, may provide modest Chapter Development funds for the activities approved by it from time to time.
8. Chapter shall organize at least two events every year. List of Chapter Activities in the last 3 years should be provided along with the application for the accreditation.
9. Annually, Chapter shall provide to Alumni Association: (a) report of its activities, (b) up-dated spread sheet of contact information of its members as outlined in item#3 above, and (c) Balance Sheet and a statement of income and expenses.
10. Whenever there is a change in the Chapter’s Executive Committee/Governing Council/Executive Council/Board of Directors, AA will be informed on the new Board’s contact information on a timely basis.
11. Any liabilities incurred by a Chapter shall be solely of its own and shall not be binding on the Alumni Association.
12. For Member-7 of the Board of the Alumni Association, only Presidents and Secretaries of the accredited chapters shall be eligible to contest election.
13. The Chapters, which do not fulfill the conditions for the accreditation, may apply for Provisional Accreditation along with the details as required for Accreditation. They shall be eligible for the financial support under para 7 above only and not for the Member-7 position till the chapter is accredited per guidelines.
14. The decision of the Board of AA on Accreditation Application shall be final.